Archive - Original Multiple Choice Format

Case #13  "A 2 y.o. hispanic male with an orolabial sore"
Case #14  "A U.S. President who died shortly after July 4th"
Case #15  "A 36 y.o. white female with severe pneumonia "
Case #16  "A 7 m.o. white male with a rash"
Case #17  "A 4 m.o. white infant with meningitis"
Case #18  "A 4 27 y.o. white male with nausea and vomiting"
Case #19  "Sudden death of a National Park Service naturalist"
Case #20  "A returned traveler with a skin lesion"
Case #21  "A U.S. President falls ill at the Paris Peace Talks"
Case #22  "Fever, "flu," and rash after African big game hunt"
Case #23  "A retired RN with chronic infiltrates and cough "
Case #24  "A 47 y.o. female with chronic cavitary pneumonia "
Case #25  "Lassitude in children in the U.S. South"